Ebony Ghetto Bitch Alexis Mitchell Face Fucking Gaggers Hardcore Choking Cum Facials Porn

Alexis Mitchell came a long way to get face fucked by the best in the business. We gave her exactly what she asked for but this cunt has got some serious dick eating skills. For a girl slightly weighing over 100 pounds and standing nearly 5 feet tall this chocolate spinner takes dick like the best of them. You guys know me I’m always trying to make a pig out of these skanks… but sometimes a whore stops by that can deep throat more cock than we have to offer. Here’s the good news… she may be great at sucking cock but absolutely is disgusted by getting slapped around and spit on… so we overloaded her with that while she ate dick. You real twisted fucks will take great pleasure out of seeing her little pussy stretched open by Gio’s meat missile. The screams of pain are real. Brutal! I guess that cunt hasn’t been used as much as that face pussy huh?
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Ebony Ghetto Ho Queen Gaggers Deep Throat Fucked Hard Spewed Over Cocks Videos

Queen is a crybaby. Something must have happened early in her life which involved sucking cock because she’s now damaged goods. She does not want dick in her mouth… period point blank. Why she would sign up for Ghetto Gaggers the hardest blowjob/face fucking website on the internet is beyond me. Today we broke her down the only way we know how. She went on a 10 minute cry fest and we just laughed our asses off. Wah wah wah… cried the whore as it fell on deaf ears. We’re all here to do a job and we take it seriously. Today Gio ran solo on Queen and again delivered a good performance for a newbie. He drove hard white cock down her throat and in her cunt… which I have to say is one of the nicest I’ve seen here in quite some time. All pleasantries aside… if you’re a fan of emotional breakdowns we got a hot one for you!
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Black Ghetto Hoe Scarlet Ray Deepthroat Gag Gaggers Ultimate Vomiting With White Dicks Videos

Scarlet Ray is a friend of Belle Knox… that cunt that got all famous from being on our other website Facial Abuse. Well Scarlet Ray is hoping that the same thing happens to her. However she’s just some average whore with no real scandal to speak of… so who cares right? However there is a silver lining to this dark cloud. Scarlet Ray is pretty fucking hot… like out of our league hot. She’s lean with a nice set of bolt-on tits. You guys know me though… I hate the pretty ones. They’re always stuck up snooty little cunts who need a foot in their ass to put in real work. Today our boy Gio flew solo and he delivered. For his first time running the show he made sure it was no easy day for this twat. He fucked her skinny little mouth until she blew stomach mess all over herself. Watching a girl get filthy like this is hilarious because you know they hate every second of it. All in all… great scene better than we hoped with the new guy!
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Nasty Ghetto Hood Whore Divinity Divine Throat Fuck Gaggers Severe Puking On White Cocks Porn

They say the 3rd time’s the charm right? I believe that to be true. Today Divinity Divine is back for a triumphant trifecta. Her first two scenes were solid but we wanted this one to be something extra special so we went heavy on the gross. Simply put there’s more belly mess in this video than her first two combined. Every throat pump led to gross explosions. I swear this stick figure lost another 3 pounds getting her tiny face fucked. We’re happy with our boy Gio. He’s learning quickly. He’s becoming a well oiled machine sent out to destroy whores!
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Ebony Ghetto Hoe London Storm Gaggers Deepthroat Gag Hard Spew Cumshot Facial Porn

Talk about regret personified. From the second this scene started London probably thought to herself that a different career path is needed. This is misery. What we do at Ghetto Gaggers is brutal. When you’re an emotionally damaged 20 year old shy and petite fuck stick… this is horror. London truly earned her money today. She thought she could do some cock dodging but we don’t play that shit. Within minutes Harker’s giant white cock was stuffed in her belly… having her barf up her last meal from 3 days ago. The thought and disgust of what she’s doing brought her to tears. Boo fucking hoo whore. This is Ghetto Gaggers. We hate snooty little cunts like you! When it comes to sex though… she’s a straight up dick rider. This whore puts in the work bouncing all 100 pounds on big white cocks. She has the perfect little ass that all the white men love… it’s that little cute apple bottom. It looks so good being split open by white cock… which according to her is her first one today! This brought the pain today!
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Ebony Ghetto Hoe Kennedy Monroe Face Fucked Gaggers Insane Spewing On Multiple Dicks Video

Kennedy Monroe is a petite chocolate slut that was destined to become a whore. Why? It runs in her family. Her birth mother was a whore… so in that sense the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree. She’s also a self proclaimed “gold digging bitch”. Don’t worry guys… today she earned that money the hard way. No easy ride here. This cunt is used to banging 70 year old men maxing out their credit cards and driving around in their cars. Today all she rode was Pauly’s hard cock up her tight black cunt. I’ll be honest you can tell she’s a good cock sucker but having a hard giant cock crammed in her mouth left her a little unhinged. She’s never puked on dick before… let alone for solid 20 minutes of constant barfing. I took great joy in watching that. I hate pigs like this they’re materialistic cunts. They get what they deserve. Score one for the home team today!
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Ebony Ghetto Hoe Maryjane Gaggers Deep Throat Gag Hardcore Vomiting Bukakke Free Video

Maryjane is hot but skanky. She’s a dirty bitch and because of that we couldn’t finish the scene. We’ve shot some trash before but I couldn’t let my guys fuck this garbage can. Plus she had some difficulty taking the cock down her throat. She started wigging out like Michael J Fox on a roller coaster… so we just dumped some loads on her face and called it a night. Don’t get me wrong though… what we shot is incredible and I wish there was more of it. You guys will never know what it takes to produce a single scene for Ghetto Gaggers. It’s not all rainbows and unicorns!
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Horny Ghetto Slut Juicy Jade Gaggers Deepthroat Fucked Hardcore Deepthroated Choke Movie Download

Juicy Jade is a 25 year old working as a clerk in a sex toy shop. She’s pretty much done everything in the sex biz. She’s stripped escorted and now making ends meet by barfing down on hard white cock for Ghetto Gaggers. When I say barf I mean epic amounts. Juicy Jade was such a good obedient bitch today. She took the cock punishment like a seasoned pro. Even Harker’s heavy handed slap didn’t do much to sway her from finishing. This is a pig on a mission. Get ready for the gross guys. This one is filthy!
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Black Ghetto Whore Jayden Starr Gaggers Deep Throat Fucked Abuse Cock Gag Puke Vid

Jayden Starr is back and after watching this scene you’ll know why this whore has a standing invitation to come back whenever the fuck she wants. You know guys how I roll… I despise the whores but when they bring their A game like this… you have to give them props. Want a recount of the action? Pussy and ass fisting. Anal while getting her pussy fisted epic amounts of barf psychological breakdowns and as a finishing move – purple drank flying out of her big black ass!!! We nailed it tonight. Tommy Pistol you sir are a master of your craft.
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Ebony Ghetto Bitch Brandi Foxx Gaggers Throat Fuck Hard Puke Gag Vid

Brandi Foxx is a 30 year old milf. Weighing in at a mere 110 she has a nicer body than girls 10 years younger. She has the type of body I prefer… tight and petite. It’s about time we’ve had a ghetto gagger come in that’s not an obvious candidate for diabetes right? Anyway this sassy little cunt thought it was all jokes and fun during the interview but clearly she was nervous. I pick up on those little ticks. When she wouldn’t stop flapping her gums Pistol stepped in and slapped the sass right out of her body. She learned quickly that we’re not to be fucked with. That topped with a throat pounding set her straight. Obedience was taught to this scuz bucket. For a tiny bitch she could take the dick too! She likes it hard fast and rough… so that’s what she got.
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